Project the 8th(?)

This is part of a twinset pattern from Sirdar designed to be knit [knat] with Wasn’n’Wear Crepe Double Knitting from the Sirdar range.

Almost needless to say, this incarnation of the raglan sleeved top has been knit in something completely different.

The design has also undergone some, minimal, alteration.

I’m pleased with it & have just finished seaming & sewing in ends.

Sirdar Raglan Top from Pattern 5052

The main (only) difference to the pattern as written is that I’ve eliminated the 2×2 neck ribbing and substituted garter stitch there.

I’ve similarly done away with the cabling and ribbing at the hem.

Sirdar Wash'n'Wear Crepe Double Knitting Pattern 5052

I am currently clueless as to what yarn I’ve actually used to this the top with.

I’ll know this tidbit of knitterly information once I’ve:

a) Found where my yarn notebook is

b) Unwound one of the balls to see what the label says.

Right this instant I’m doing neither as it’s a Saturday night & I’m off out to meet a friend!

Happy crafting folks!


2 thoughts on “Project the 8th(?)

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