Project the 5th & 7th

I have no excuses for not touching base with my poor neglected blog…….apart from life & the living of it.

Vintage Utility Vest by Sublime


Knitting - Issue 56 Nov 08


Patons FAB DK 02326 Lot 119897


Valen's Vintage Vest 🙂


Plenty of room for squirmy baby


Valen's Ear Flap Hat


I’m pretty much going to let the pictures do that talking. 

I’m quite pleased with these two.

I’ll be even more pleased when they finally reach their intended recipient.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, or Happy St. Paddy’s.

….but, please, for the love of all things Irish, dear readers it’s never, EVER St. Patty’s Day. *cringe*


2 thoughts on “Project the 5th & 7th

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