Happy New Crafty Year to all :)

Project 1 of 2011
Megs Skinny Scarf

Garter stitch all the way. Cast on long side then worked up the width. Knit using Wendy Pure 100% Bamboo Shade 888 Dye Lot 080313-8. Lovely yarn to work with apart from being a tad slippery. I boght 5 skeins of this yarn in Hickeys for 99 cent each!!! A bargain. I used my beloved Harmony Interchangable KnitPicks circular needles to knit this up. Perfect telly knitting once I got used to the feel of the yarn.

Project 2 of 2011

Blizzard Scarf

On the 3rd day of New Years what a yarnboi to do other than stash bust? 🙂

I have no idea how many stitches I cast on for this. I just kept going til I got fed up and it seemed long enough for a scarf. I chugged away with garter stitch until I got a decent width & without running out of yarn to cast off with. Whoop! I’m getting better at planning ahead. (It only took 3 decades! Lol!)

The yarn used is Tivoli Blizzard. Quite aptly named too as the yarn looks like a whirlwind of peat, sky and foliage all blended together and frozen midair. Knit up it forms subtle colour bands which are quite pretty.

This scarf had been destined to become a tea cosy. That idea was duly frogged however. The yarn is happier being a scarf and hopefully its intended recipient will be as taken with the FO as she was with the yarn She was with me the day I purchased it and spent quite a happy minute testing its squishy softness against her cheek. 🙂 Nothing beats the cheek test!

4 days and 2 handknits later & I’m feeling quite good about this year so far.

Happy crafting folks.




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