Projects done and dusted

Seems appropriate given the date to cast a look over some of the projects which have made it to the ‘done and dusted’ stage.

Done and Dusted Moonbeam’s Throw


Done & dusted Valen’s Vintage Vest



Details maketh the FO! 🙂


Done & Dusted Travelling Crochet Noro Throw


Done & Dusted Megs Mitts


Done & Dusted Curve of Pursuit Throw

I’m gonna leave it at that & I’m not even going to cast any thought towards those objects that didn’t attain finished status.

I’m thankful to my crafts for reminding me of my abilities outside of other facets of my life. When I screw up in my college work or in being parent or any of the other roles I play, at least I can return to my crafts and see progress (most of the time). When I do screw up with my crafts, it’s still not so bad…I can just frog them and start again.

I ❤ my handicrafts.

Happy crafty 2011 to you all & don’t be afraid to make mistakes.



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