Yarn in all it’s glory & nerdy detail

James C Brett Marble Chunky 100% Acrylic 200g 312m Colour MC3 Lot 1014

This beauty, with a similar length of Aran yarn beside it for comparison, was a steal at €6.99 in Tangled Yarns, Clonmel. The stock and staff complement each other in their loveliness.

Hayfield Bonus DK Extra Value 100g 280m 100% Acrylic Colour 013SH981 Lot 89938

Not as glorious a yarn, but a worthy workhorse worthy of space in my colourful stash.

I really must get stash busting with some smaller projects. I shall add more pics with nerdy details of the stash I already possess & link them with the projects that they finally morph into.

At least, that’s my current plan.

Too sleepy to blog anything further. In need of a cuppa tea.

Shall do better next post.


2 thoughts on “Yarn in all it’s glory & nerdy detail

  1. I love this orange… is this the one you said you didn’t know what to do with? I love it… make the beret, or socks… oh that would make awesome winter wolly socks!

    • Hey Hazel,

      Tis indeed. I can’t imagine that the “carrot cake” as Mike so aptly described it would knit up into comfy socks. A beret or several may well be in its future though.

      I plan on swatching up a decent size piece in carrot cake & putting it through its paces laundry wise to see how it holds up. If it miraculously softens in the wash it may well have a future as bed socks. 🙂

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