Minarets meltdown

After nigh on 20 years of knitting I have discovered something new about my knitterly self……..I dislike reading knitting charts. This is quite an irksome state of affairs as, not only are charts becoming more popular in knitting patterns in general, but one also figures in the Minarets pattern that I’m currently working on.

This is proving to be a challenging knit!

By about 6 rows into the charted portion of the pattern repeats I decided I couldn’t ignore how unhappy I was with the less than stellar quality of the outcome. If I’m going to plow umpteen hours of my life into a project, I want it to at least look good &, since the garment is destined to be worn by me, to have at least an 80% chance of actually being worn.

Thus, I tinked.

When one knits backwards, it is known as tinking.

K.N.I.T  | T.I.N.K

So stitch by stitch I tinked back about 6 rows.

I tried to knit up a swatch to test whether it’s the chart at fault or my processing of it. No luck.

So I did the next best thing & knit the 29 rows of the chart on one pattern repeat of the garment.

Triumphed over chart!


I did it!

It looks as it’s meant to.

Reading the chart still doesn’t make complete sense to me, but now at least I know I’ll get there with it.



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