Vintage Yarn & Patterns

From 1976!

Along with vintage patterns from the 60’s 🙂

Killowen 4-ply from Mahoney's of Blarney


Bainin Wool Mahonys of Blarney 8d - Sweaters with Lismore Cable & Fishernet Panel


"Sunbeam" Aran Double Knitting No. 272 6d


"Sunbeam" Aran Bainin No. 253 6d


My neighbour thought that the yarns she gave me were about 5 years old. But at least one batch, the green 4-ply, is from 1976.

I’m still going through the mountain of yarn I was gifted.


I wonder what else I might find!


10 thoughts on “Vintage Yarn & Patterns

  1. I am looking for some Bainin oiled wool from Mahoney’s of Blarney to finish a cardigan. Do you know where I can get some?

    • Hi Aileen, other than the quatity I have, which may not be the right colour for you, I don’t know.
      A quick Google search revealed that there are amounts of Bainin yarn on sale on eBay, if this is any use.

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  3. I have a pattern for a crochet coat using Mahony’s Bainin or Mahony’s Heatherspun could you tell me what ply it is or is it an Aran wool

    • Thanks for your prompt response – the pattern is in an English version of a Mon Tricot book, if that’s any help. The balls are 50 gm and the needles used are sizes 6 and 9. The guide to yarns at the front describes the Mahony’s Barney Bailin as a ‘specialty yarn’ without giving the ply. As I live in New Zealand and don’t have access to Mahony yarns, I want to find the nearest available equivalent.

  4. I have a vintage pattern for a poncho made from Blarney’s Dominique. The pattern specifies the yarn comes in balls of 50 grams, but no yardage is noted. Does anyone know how many yards that might be? It’s roughly an Aran weight yarn, I think.

    • I have emailed Blarney’s to see if they can help answer your question. My other knitting friends suggest using a digital scales to weight a yard of the yarn and then divide 50g by the weight of one yard. I’ll let you know if Blarney’s come back to me with an answer. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you a simple answer.

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