Methinks that…..

my current work-in-progress may be runner up in the rankings of “Most Well Travelled Project”

Moonbeam's Crocheted Throw

It’s not finished yet but still makes a handsome addition to the back of my two seater couch 🙂 Not that it’ll be staying with me once it’s done. It already has a place to go.

I bring it with me in my backpack to work on in spare moments (when I’m brain melty from driving or just plain wired…..or bored).

In the last while it’s been to Cork city & back. Clonmel & back twice. It’s had numerous excursions into Limerick city & yesterday accompanied us on a merry jaunt through the cowpaths secondary roads of Cork county culminating in a visit to Mallow. It’s been through Bulgaden, Mitchelstown, Kilmallock, Bruff…….and through more potholes than I, or my vehicles suspension, would care to remember.

I wonder where else it will end up before it’s gifted away?

It’s trumped by…..

2009.09.12 Hubba Bubba Shawl


The Hubba Bubba Shawl is a knit piece which made its way with this yarnboi from Limerick to Brighton & back again before eventually being gifted to its recipient.

Do I have any geeks in my bloggerly audience who might know the air-miles clocked up by said shawl during its construction?


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