The Knitter veers…..

….and not into a ditch! No, this yarnboi has not been multi-tasking driving with knitting.

No, gentle readers, I’ve taken the plunge and am in the midst of a crochet project!

While, previously, I have taught others how to wield hook & yarn (and these students have gone on to produce some awesome stuff I tells ya!), I have shied away from crochet.

The element that has changed my apathy towards this yarn craft is the receipt of many issues of The Art of Crochet. My offspring’s best friend’s mom was despairing of her darling using these, so I offered to use them and pass on what I learn.

So far so good.


Colours suggested: Frost, Tarn & Tundra. Colours actually used: Bottle, Khaki & Brown


The pattern calls for Rowan Cocoon.

Being me, of course I had to use something completely different.

It’s my way. Why fight it?


I haz to be different. Heh heh

Anyhow, aside from yarn choice (& weight & colour), I’m actually following the pattern. Shocking I know, but true nonetheless.

Refreshingly, the Art of Crochet provides straightforward instructions that are a doddle to follow.

Since this is not my dominant craft I’m quite happy to be clearly instructed for a change.  

The Art of Crochet Issue 3

This is what the throw was designed to look like. Needless to say, mine won't look anything like this! 😀

Aside from losing my lovely Harmony wooden 6.5mm crochet hook & having to make do with a new plastic one *sulks* this project is going swimmingly. The recipient also seems to approve of the colourways and design (or requires an award nomination for his awesome performance!)

That’s all for this post.

Happy crafting folks!



3 thoughts on “The Knitter veers…..

  1. Hey
    I am currently working on this pattern and am having a problem with it.
    Any chance that I can chat to you about it via email or on some messenger?

    • Hey there Carla, sorry it’s taken me this long to reply to you. I’ll be happy to help if I can. You can Gtalk with me on somelimerickking AT gmail DOT com

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