Travelling Crochet Throw 1

Travelling Crochet Throw 1


Travelling Crochet Throw 2

Travelling Crochet Throw 2


Travelling Crochet Throw 3

Travelling Crochet Throw 3


I think it may be taking up semi-permanent residence on my favourite easy chair 🙂

Noro Blossom is not a beginners yarn to crochet with. If you feel the need to be able to see clear stitches then please pass this yarn by. However, if you like texture and interesting toning colour changes then give yarn a try.

This yarnboi bought Noro Blossom for three main reasons.

1 – It’s Noro!

2 – I fell in love with the colours

3 – It was on sale!

Methinks it was 6 skeins that I bought that day.

Unless there’s a skein of this hiding somewhere in my stash (which is quite the possibility given the surprising depths of my stash) there’s only a quarter of a skein left.

I finished up when I could take the repetitive treble stitch crochet no longer, which coincided with not having enough yarn for another round.

Even with 20 years experience as a knitter, I can’t imagine that knitting with this yarn would be anything other than challenging. The yarn itself provides most of the interest in the final piece which is great, but it also drastically reduces the variety of stitches suitable for using with it. The most suitable are also the most repetitive and dare I say……boooorrring!

If contemplating using this yarn for a garment then I suggest choosing a pattern with the minimum of shaping as this yarn is a mother to frog.


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