A break from studies

My adorable offspring, in a show of burgeoning independence, elected to wash and tumble dry the blanket that I crocheted for her.

A lovely act for a tween to do & I applaud her initiative.

Unfortunately, as said blanket was created from bargain bin acrylic, the vageries of a hot wash and equally hot tumble through the dryer left it in a state reminiscent of interwoven string.

Oh dear.

This laundering incident occurred a while ago and the poor blanket was left languishing feeling quite the sorry specimen until today. I found it while reclaiming my office space as my own again. (Yay!!! I haz office space again).

My bedroom is blessed with a rather large window. This is a catch 22. Privacy requires the use of the shades. Light requires that the shade be up. Finding the pitiful blanket led me to try this……..

Offspings ruined blanket

Crochet Netting Alternative

I think it works quite well as an alternative to those ghastly netting fiascos.

What do you think?

I figure that I could make another two crocheted squares in complementary colours to go on either side of the current blanket. That’d do the trick and allow plenty of light in while leaving me my privacy.

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