There were daffodils

Bright, sunny, yellow daffodils* strewn in two lines leading to the final resting place of a lovely young man.

Blue skies, a gentle breeze and warm sun jarred with the sadness of the day.

Words can’t do justice to how much of a void Steven has left behind him.


Only 21 years old.

It’s unbelieveable that such a whirlwind of energy, always on the go – going to a meeting, in a meeting or just coming away from a meeting – isn’t going to be on the go anymore.

Meeting his family for the first time on the occassion of his funeral was…..just…..the wrong way to meet them.

There was no way to convery to them just how warm, vibrant, caring and passionate a person they had launched into the world.

It felt so inadequate to say “I’m sorry for your loss” and “He was such a great guy”.

Truth be told, he was such a whirl of proactive energy and touched so many people in his time that his impact would be months in the telling.

Words aren’t enough. So we cry and we hug each other in our sadness and hope that he knew just how well we thought of him.

We hope he felt a fraction of the care we felt for him.

He really was a great guy.

The priest, during the funeral service, said that being voted in as Students Union Vice President showed just how much respect LIT students had for Steven. That respect is earned.

Steven did earn our respect.  He gave u his time when he didn’t have any;  he spoke up and got passionate; he stayed calm and quiet while he listened; he was always on the move but would stop to have a chat; he was so serious but given the chance would photobomb any picture with the most ridiculous face.

He didn’t just have our respect though. He also had our liking. We liked Steve. He was one of the good ones.

He also earned our grief and has left so many people heartbroken.

It’s real and he’s gone and it sucks and blows so badly.

As so many of us stood in the small graveyard in Clonlara, the birds sang, the breeze was gentle and the sun warmed us.

It’s like he gifted us with a Spring day to help soften the blow.

One of my friends met the other for the first time today.

Steven is still bringing people together.


Wyatt Week 7 069

I’m so glad to be alive;  to enjoy lovely weather;  to potter into town;  be indecisive over books; to come home to my little family.

It’s my birthday tomorrow and growing older seems like such a fine and dandy thing to do

I only wish that Steven was growing older too.


Steven was passionate on the topic of Mental Health and suicide awareness. CSPP Limerick are a voluntary group he supported. I’m going to donate to them. If you’d like to do the same here’s a link to their page.


*An attendant at the funeral told a few of us that there were bunches of daffodils ready for Daffodil Day. He took some of them and lined them along the way to the grave. He went onto tell us that he had lost his young son a few years beforehand. It was a really lovely gesture and felt like the same type of thoughtful thing that Steven himself would do.




A Beautiful Gift

Emma Jervis gave us the gift of her time, patience and skillset to capture images of our three generations.

We adore these images.

Emma did a wonderful job capturing Wyatt’s personality and the features and expressions of his that we associate with our little Squidge.

This is a link to her website. Go and explore some of her other photography. It will be a feast for the eyes.

Here is a selection of some of the beautiful gift she gave us.

In news of the knitting kind, I’m two thirds of the way through a commission for a classmate.

Magic Coffee Baby Hat designed by Tracey Kay

Magic Coffee Baby Hat designed by Tracey Kay

She was quite taken with the colourway of one of Wyatt’s Magic Coffee Baby Hats and asked for one in an adult size in the same colourway but without the top knot.

So, after checking in with her about what kind of adult hat she’d like, we settled on a slouch style and I’m using this pattern from Knitting magazine, August 2010 Issue 79. You may recognise it from here.  I’ve made two hats from this pattern already and they were both welcomed and worn by their recipients.

This is the yarn that my classmate likes so much when knitted. It’s Sirdar Snuggly Crofter Baby Fair Isle Effect DK.

For anyone who’s interested, and for my future ease of reference, the Shade is 0166 and the Dye Lot is 145149.

St. Patricks Day 2014 089

This is the stage the slouch hat is currently at. My classmate tried it on for size this morning (DPNs sticking out and all).

It fits (she was very relieved about this as it looks smaller on the needles and the ribbing pulls the fabric in).

This post is going to be a baby-kniting-baby sandwich type of affair. I led with baby photos and I’m ending with baby photos.

I hope you all had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. So does Wyatt. :)

Milk Drunk on Paddy's Day

Milk Drunk on Paddy’s Day

St. Patricks Day 2014 080

Super Irish Baby! Hon the Irish!

Oh the tension!


Let me tell you all about my tension!

See this thing?

This is my Lervia sewing machine

This is my Lervia sewing machine

The fabric you see is part of an applique cushion project that become part of a craft demo in Hickey’s on Cruises Street.

The tutorial I was provided with was lovely and straightforward.

My machine, on the other hand, was anything but lovely and straightforward to use.

The top thread kept snapping.

My lovely friend Hazel advised that I needed to sort out my tension.

Rum and coke! That would sort out my tension I cried!

Wyatt Week 5 100 Wyatt Week 5 103 Wyatt Week 5 105 Wyatt Week 5 106 Wyatt Week 5 107 Wyatt Week 5 108 Wyatt Week 5 109 Wyatt Week 5 111 Wyatt Week 5 112

As you can see, I made some headway amid all the snapping thread and snapping nerves.

Alison in Hickey’s is a credit to all that is patient and helpful. I came into the store on high doe worried about my woeful work and was greeted with her smiling, encouraging and helpful self.

All was well in the end. I even got a round of applause for my efforts (though I think that was more to do with the good nature of my audience and my comedy routine than my craftwork).

The librarians are getting antsy and I have to go (in LIT using the internet dontcha know).

So, as is becoming my tradition here, I shall leave you with a slice of cuteness in the form of my little Squidge.

Happy crafting folks!

Wyatt Week 5 191




Wyatt 053

Patons FAB! DK, pictured above, is a thoroughly decent buy.

From this ball I have made a hat.

Wyatt Week 3 023

And two tops.

Wyatt obliged his nana by modelling this top for size before it had sleeves added. He was hiccupping at the time.

Wyatt obliged his nana by modelling this top for size before it had sleeves or buttons added. He was hiccupping at the time.


I swear that this face was in response to hiccups and not to the knitwear. His mother states otherwise.

I swear that this face was in response to hiccups and not to the knitwear. His mother states otherwise.


This is the same top with sleeves and buttons. I've since rethought the sleeves. Ribbed sleeves on a wriggly baby do not make for easy dressing.

This is the same top with sleeves and buttons. I’ve since rethought the sleeves. Ribbed sleeves on a wriggly baby do not make for easy dressing.

This is the second jumper in progress. It's been cast off now and is awaiting the sleeve stitches to be cast off. It's already been worn by Wyatt with the sleeve stitches held on tied life lines.

This is the second jumper in progress. It’s been cast off now and is awaiting the sleeve stitches to be cast off. It’s already been worn by Wyatt with the sleeve stitches held on tied life lines.

There’s still a decent amount of yarn left.

I like that in a yarn. Less than €4 spent on it and I have three items of babywear from it.

Decently soft and wearable items too.

I paired Patons FAB! DK with Double Knitting Baby in shade “Baby Denim”.

The Baby Denim colourway makes for a lovely edging, especially on riotous varigated knits, and is also acceptably soft.

Sept 428

And for no other reason than grandmotherly besottedness, I part your company with a photo of Wyatt bundled up snugger than a Mountie making his way over the Rockies.

Wyatt bundled up like an Eskimo.

Wyatt bundled up like an Eskimo.

Getting back into the knit of things

Having been thoroughly besotted with and distracted by this little, but ever growing, FO (though, I suppose, he really is a WIP),

He looks like he's plotting mischief of some sort :)

He looks like he’s plotting mischief of some sort :)


I decided it was high time to cast on a yarn based WIP.

Of course, the yarny WIP is for the human WIP.

Sept 428

Sept 427

I used a some Double Knitting Baby by Stylecraft in “Baby Denim” to cast on the edge of, what became a heavily modified, Magic Coffee Baby Hat.

The crown of the hat was worked with FAB varigated DK.

Wyatt 053 Wyatt 057

It went from this……

The DPN's used are Takumi 4mm

The DPN’s used are Takumi 4mm


To this in a few hours.

Wyatt Week 3 022 Wyatt Week 3 023 Wyatt Week 3 024

It’s got a lovely basketweave effect and I really like how the crown turned out.

It can be worn either way. The top picture shows it as I knit it up with rows of purl breaking up a staggered 2 x 2 rib.

The 2nd photo shows the inside which really looks like a basketweave with some purling thrown in for good measure.

Wyatt’s momma didn’t notice the difference between the two sides of fabric (even with concentrated squinting).

I used the stitch counts from the Magic Baby Coffee Hat for 2nd size up.

I’ll leave you with a parting photo of my snoozing grandbaby (no wonder I’m distracted!).

He approved of the top I was wearing. You can read about it here and here.

Wyatt Week 3 019

Happy crafting!



Our household has been busy

No broadband yet.

We do however have a new baby.

Meet my darling grandbaby Wyatt.

He’s 5 days old in this picture, wearing a puerperium cardigan and lying on his log cabin blanket.

Wyatt 222

The knitwear should look familiar. :)

Wyatt Week 2 003

He’s all of 14 days old today. I had him out and about with  me in town this morning. We popped into Singer Sewing Centre and picked up two balls of Sirdar Snuggly Baby Speckle Shade 207 Dye Lot 110870. Wyatt was introduced to the lovely staff in Hickey’s and waited patiently in his front carrier while he was cooed over and while the materials for an upcoming craft demo were gathered.

I left Hickey’s with this cute little ducky.

Wyatt Week 2 007

It’s destined to be used on the front of one of Wyatt’s many Puerperium cardigans.

Wyatt Week 2 008

I managed to sew in the end of this cardi with Wyatt cradled in my arms. Dexterity for the win.

Hopefully, now that we’re getting into a routine with our little man, I’ll be able to get back into a blogging/studying routine.

Here’s hoping.

I’ll leave you with another cute baby photo. My online handle could now be #besottedwithgrandson.

Wyatt's 1 day old in this photo and swaddled in a puerperium cardigan and a magic coffee baby hat

Wyatt’s 1 day old in this photo and swaddled in a puerperium cardigan and a magic coffee baby hat

Another finished item

LoudCrafts 041

Another adaptation of the Puerperium cardigan measurements which has turned out quite successfully.

I’m rather pleased with it. It’s so exciting to think that my little grandson will be snuggled up in this sooner rather than later.

I’d realised that a lot of the cardigans that I’d knit for him are rather generously sized. As the lad is quite likely to be dinky I decided that I should make him some dinkier items. This cardigan was knit on 3mm needles instead of 4mm needles and I think the change in needle size did the trick.

I’m ever so slowly making progress with setting up my little craft business. It now has its own blog. As I’m without internet at home, things are not proceeding at the pace that I would like them to, but proceed they will.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m typing up this blog post in the LIT library so I should probably make use of the last 30 minutes before the librarians start enthusiastically declaring that the library is closing.

Top Down V-Neck 001

This little red number is currently on my needles. It has a top down construction and is destined to be a V-neck jumper. The momma-to-be has declared that her son has quite enough cardigans with oodles of buttons waiting for him and that it’s high time that he have handknit jumpers with absolutely no buttons.

Right, I’m off. Happy crafting!